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Veda Signature Line of Therapies (Veda Rituals)

Relax / Refresh / Rejuv

This is a complete spa therapy for your body, mind and soul customized to suit your very specific need. You could choose between an aromatherapy massage and a complete package according to the choice of emotion you wish to experience. The therapy commences with a rich aromatic massage with pure essential oils, followed by a through exfoliation of the entire body using herbs, fruit peel and sun dried lentils. The finale is an aromatic soak with mineral rich salts and essential oils and promises absolute bliss.

Sports Massage/Pain Relief treatment

Wintergreen, spearmint and clove oils are firmly massaged into the entire body paying special attention to the affected area. The affected area is then compressed with a warm pack to ensure further penetration of the healing oils.

Balinese Boreh/Balinese Lulur

Ancient village remedies from the heart of Bali. The Boreh is body warming while the Lulur is a body cooling therapy. Both these very exotic therapies commence with a jasmine oil massage, followed by an intense exfoliation. While the Boreh is a combination of ground spices, the Lulur is with sandalwood & turmeric. The Boreh is completed with a herb & spice soak, while the Lulur is finished with a soak in milk & roses.

Mango & Poppy Seed Anti-Pigmentation

Mango pulp in combination with poppy seed & milk evens skin tone & lightens pigmentation spots. The treatment includes a gentle exfoliation and an application of fruit moisture.

Our Spa Services

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We also offer:

Spa Facials using pure natural essential oils, sun dried lentils, fruit juices, flower tonics & aloe vera to bring about a natural glow. Hand & Foot Spa to pamper your hands & feet with a relaxing spa treatment that involves an exfoliation, skin softening soak, massage, milk ritual, nourishing pack & a moisture application.

Hair Spa with fresh shoe flower petals, nourishing aloe vera, almond & walnut serums & herbal powders infused in rich base oils to leave your scalp & hair, nourished, soft & detangled.

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